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Honestly, I think it’s so worth it.


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Tika felt that the super-effective, long-lasting non-hormonal IUD would be the best way for her to protect against pregnancy. She especially likes that she can set it and forget about it.

"I love my penis. And that's why naturally I believe in the power of condoms."


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Guy’s guide to taking control of your sexual health

Repeat after us: Stressed sex isn’t good sex. Guy Nottadadi is here to share some of the things dudes can do to take control of their...

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Men may not be as clueless about birth control as previously believed. (But we can't say for sure yet.)


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Are guys clueless about birth control? A few studies have suggested that men typically know less about birth control than women, but there's actually not a ton of research on the subject. Now a new national study sheds some light on this question.