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Not sure what to do when you call a health center?
Calling is easy. We Promise.
  1. Make an appointment to get birth control.
  2. Ask about free birth control or how to lower your costs.
  3. Tell them if you have insurance or not.
  4. Set up a reminder so you don’t miss the appointment.
  5. Decide which method is best for you.
Unity Health Care
Unity Columbia Road Health Services
1660 Columbia Rd, NW
Washington, DC, 20009
(202) 469-4699

Services Offered

  • HIV testing
  • STI testing, treatment, and vaccines
  • birth control
  • ADA-accessible
  • pregnancy testing and services
  • emergency contraception


  • HIV testing
  • low-cost services
  • STI testing, treatment, and vaccines
  • IUD available
  • sliding scale
  • extended hours
  • LGBT-friendly services
  • implant available
  • emergency contraception
  • accepts health insurance


Spanish Amharic Clinic also provides additional translation services through Interpreter Services Hotline.

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