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Love your LARC? Never heard of a LARC? Either way, this could be your lucky day

Birth control in any form is a good thing. Easy, reliable, amazingly effective birth control is even better. That’s why we love LARC methods.

Do you love LARCs too?
If you use a LARC, check out the Works Like a Charm contest. Bedsider has teamed up with ISIS Inc. to launch a contest asking women (and couples) to tell us why you love your LARC.

Feeling lucky? If you enter, you could win up to $2,000 or a sweet, new iPad.

Wondering what’s a LARC?
LARC stands for long acting reversible contraception and LARC methods include the IUD, the shot, the ring, the patch, and the implant. These are all low effort birth control, meaning you go on it, go at it, and don’t have to worry about remembering to take it on a daily basis. (That’s an understatement: The ParaGard IUD is hormone-free and can stay in you without a fuss for up to 12 years!) LARCs are great for spontaneous sex. (That’s why we include them in our Do me now! methods.) They are the most recommended type of birth control. And they’re totally reversible, so when you are ready to get pregnant they won’t hold you back.

Getting lucky? Definitely look into these methods if you’re thinking about a birth control upgrade.

Go for it,

P.S. Wondering how effective different methods really are? We’ve got answers.

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