Yoruba goddess of flirtatiousness, sensuality, beauty, and fresh water: Oshun

Coquettish (adjective): Behaving in such a way as to suggest a playful, flirty sexual attraction. They say this describes Oshun, who is a Yoruba goddess representing things that make life worth living. (Like hot sex.)

Name: Oshun
Countries of origin: Nigeria and Benin in West Africa
Relationship status: It’s complicated. Oshun is believed to have had many lovers and husbands, but her marriage to Shango, the Yoruba sky god of thunder and drumming, is the relationship most often discussed. (Because Shango is also married to her sisters.)
Symbols and style: Yellow butterflies, gold, yellow roses, jewelry, mirrors, fans, honey pots, and anything that’s super glittery. Sometimes she is depicted as a mermaid. She is always portrayed as beautiful, charming, and sensual.
Legend has it: Sometimes Oshun is a little sad because it’s believed that no one can love her enough and the world is not as beautiful as she knows it could be. (Um, that kind of makes us sad too.)
Known as: Goddess of love, romance, gold, pregnancy, emotional healing, beauty, ecstasy, harmony, marriage, wishes, love spells, and fertility. She protects fresh water and rivers. She also heals the sick, cheers up the sad, brings prosperity, is the mother of all orphans, protects the poor, and represents good cheer and overflowing joy.

Want to make a shrine to Oshun in the name of flirting, loving, and shagging? Leave out some pumpkin, honey, lemons, coconut, or cinnamon for her. Or anything gold and glittery will work.

Of course, there’s much more to her, so read on if you’re interested. Or check out your birth control options. That’s fun too.


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