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The Title X Family Planning Program urgently needs our help


activism , birth control, news

Title X is the federal funding that health centers around the country depend on to offer you free or low-cost birth control and other family planning services. But the domestic gag rule put in place by the Trump administration and years of underfunding have made it harder for health centers supported by Title X to meet the demand for services. Now is the time to undo the bad regulations and fully fund Title X so that everyone—no matter who they are, where they live, or how much money they make—has the birth control they need.

This has been a lot, y'all

It feels like every week we’re saying “phew, wow, this is a lot.” And this week deserves a “PHEW, WOW, THIS REALLY IS A WHOLE LOT.” However you’re feeling right now—anxious, excited, angry, sad, resigned, tired, scared, or anything else—is okay and normal and understandable. And we made you some coloring pages to help you as you process all of those big feelings.

Because it should be a national holiday


activism , frisky friday

We here at Bedsider love any chance we can get to celebrate freedom in all its many forms. So we’re super excited that today is Juneteenth! If you’re new to this holiday, no worries—this is literally the perfect day to learn all about it and celebrate it for the first time.