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You’re not alone. You’re never alone.

Why do cats do this? Do they think it’s play time, and they’re confused as to why you’re playing with someone who isn’t them? Do they actually know exactly what you’re doing, and they DO NOT LIKE IT ONE BIT, YOUNG LADY, NOT ONE BIT? Are they judging your moves? Or do they just not like your new partner? We’ll never have the answer. But we do have some strategies for dealing with it.

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Or at least a day!

Okay, so maybe we can’t take a whole month off right now, but the hot weather definitely has a lot of us in the mood to get out of town. So we put together some quick tips on how to stay on top of your health while traveling, whether you’re jetting off someplace exotic, planning a quick trip to visit family, or carving out time for some day trips closer to home.