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If you had a sexual experience and you think it might have been assault, we have some questions you can ask yourself.

If you had a sexual experience that didn’t feel right or wasn’t what you wanted, you might have a million questions: What if I was drinking? What if we didn’t go all the way? What if I didn’t ever say “no”? Your experience is your own, and everyone’s story is different. Here are some things to consider.

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You have more power than you think. Here are six scenarios when you should use it to get what you really want.


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Life’s complicated, and important decisions can take time. It can be tempting to ask advice from anyone and everyone, or just say “meh,” and go with the flow. But here’s the thing: some decisions in love and life can only be made by you—and sometimes going with the flow means you’re actually deciding not to take control of your happiness or your future.

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Looking to get your digital groove on? Here are some tips to protect your privacy.

There’s no question that technology has revolutionized sex in some beautiful ways. But privacy is an area where change hasn’t always been good. Here are some tips to stay safer when there is something—like a phone or a computer—between you and your boo.