Helping college students get
smart about birth control.
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    Babies are awesome. So is birth control when you’re not ready to have one of your own. (Or if you’re not quite ready for more.) Find the best method for you and check out the links below.

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    This part of Bedsider supports health care providers and student health services staff. It’s free. It provides access to interactive tools and unbiased content. It will help you talk about birth control, which will help students use it better.

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    Are you a college administrator, faculty, or staff member looking for resources on sexual health, birth control, and college completion? Find free online lessons, course templates, videos, and the latest research.

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For college students who
want to get on top of their
sex life.

On and off campus, our message is clear: An unplanned pregnancy can seriously affect one’s social life, work, relationships, finances, and the ability to succeed in college. So, until someone is ready to have a baby, we believe they should have access to the most current and accurate information on birth control.

Interested in information about protection, relationships, and sex? We got you. We’ve even made birth control unboring.