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If pregnancy isn’t in your future plans, here’s what you should know before talking to your doctor.

We spend a lot of time talking about how to use the many different forms of birth control to choose whether and when to get pregnant. But what if you never want to be pregnant again, or even pregnant ever? You might be thinking about having your “tubes tied.”

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The pill is still the most popular birth control method in the U.S.—and it’s still the subject of all kinds of crazy rumors.

Even if you have first-hand experience with the pill, it can be hard to separate the truth from the nonsense. Here are the top 5 misunderstandings, myths, and outright lies we’ve heard about the birth control pill.

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Pregnancy loss is more common than you think—and it’s not your fault.

It can be scary to hear a health care provider say, “You’re having a miscarriage.” As you’re talking with your provider, wondering why this miscarriage happened or what happens next, here are three very important things to keep in mind.

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Sexual health benefits for people with insurance under the ACA go well beyond birth control.

The perks of having health insurance don’t stop with birth control coverage. That’s because one of the main goals of the ACA is to make it easy for people to get services that keep them healthier in the long run.

Birth Control Basics

  • Why should I?

    A few of our favorite reasons why birth control is a very good idea.

  • Avoid the gap

    Birth control between boyfriends is smart just in case things get spontaneous.

  • Hello, birth control

    When it comes to birth control, you’ve got a lot of options.