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Because birth control isn't one-size-fits-all

Talking about birth control can feel super weird and vulnerable. It might bring up memories of really bad experiences (like the time I spent all day curled in a ball watching Lifestyles of the Rich...

There are so many reasons I love condoms

I loved sex and hated intimacy for a long time. There are lots of reasons my preferred birth control method has long been condoms. They’re easy to find, free at the cafe I like off Market Street,...

How to practice medical self-advocacy to get the care you need

When I was twenty years old, I met a bunch of feminists. They were strong and assertive, and they took no sh*t. They were loud and amazing, and they blew my mind. They were a lot like the feminists...

Birth Control Basics

  • Why should I?

    A few of our favorite reasons why birth control is a very good idea.

  • Avoid the gap

    Birth control between boyfriends is smart just in case things get spontaneous.

  • Hello, birth control

    When it comes to birth control, you’ve got a lot of options.