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If only finding Mr. Right were as simple as sniffing a t-shirt...

Despite providing excellent protection from pregnancy when taken consistently, reducing cramping and bleeding with periods, and having a huge amount of evidence to prove its safety, the pill gets blamed for the strangest things… Today’s example: blaming the pill for choosing the wrong guy.

Your questions answered
Done having kids, or 100% sure you don't want any? Might want to look into sterilization.

These days, there are lots of ways to have your “tubes tied.” All the techniques doctors use are highly effective, safe, and non-hormonal, so your cycles don’t change. They’re also permanent—so it’s important to be absolutely sure that this is the right decision and time for you.

Your questions answered
Let us demystify all the latest pill options so you can find one that fits.

So you’ve thought about all of your birth control options and decided the pill is the right method for you. Or maybe you’re already using the pill, but you’re annoyed with one of the side effects and want to switch to a different type. So…which pill would be best?

Birth Control Basics