Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits Basics

What is BCBenefits?

BCBenefits is a new program that covers common costs many people face when getting affordable, effective birth control. The program provides access to free or low-cost birth control methods and birth control appointments (remote or in-person) to people who have limited income and would like prescription birth control.

Those who qualify for fully reimbursable in-person birth control visits may also qualify for a free or discounted roundtrip ride to cover travel to and from the appointment. Specific benefits vary based on where you live and your level of qualification for the program.

Bedsider and Power to Decide created BCBenefits as part of a larger vision: Bedsider is an online birth control support network operated by Power to Decide, the campaign to prevent unplanned pregnancy. Power to Decide works to ensure that every young person has the power to decide if, when, and under what circumstances to get pregnant and have a child—increasing their opportunity to pursue the future they want.

Why is this being offered?

Health care expenses can add up. On top of direct costs like appointment co-pays and prescriptions, there are other related costs like transportation (gas, parking, rideshare services, taking mass transit), childcare, and even lost wages from time away from work. The BCBenefits program aims to make getting the birth control you want easier by covering some of those expenses.

How is this being offered for free?

BCBenefits is a program made possible thanks to the generosity of Bedsider and Power to Decide donors and partners — all of whom share and support the vision that everyone should have the ability to obtain and use the birth control they desire.

Our donors include:

  • HeyDoctor
  • Medicines 360
  • Mountain Philanthropies
  • PRJKT Ruby
  • Simple Health
  • Soderberg Foundation
  • Twentyeight Health
  • +numerous individuals

Our partners provide discounted or free birth control services. They include:

  • Nurx
  • A Step Ahead Chattanooga

What benefits does BCBenefits offer?

Depending on your income, location, health insurance situation, you could qualify to get one or all of the following:

  • The prescription birth control method of your choice (received in person or mailed to you). Choose from:
    • Free one-year supply of the birth control pill mailed to you; OR
    • Reimbursement for a one-year supply of the birth control pill, patch, ring, or shot; OR
    • Reimbursement for a one-time insertion of the diaphragm, IUD, or implant
    • Reimbursement for a birth control visit with a health provider (in-person or remote/virtual)
    • Free or discounted roundtrip ride (via rideshare, rideshare gift card or gas gift card)
BCBenefits is constantly improving and rolling out new benefits. Check back to learn more about current and future benefit offerings.

How does BCBenefits work?

First, answer a few quick questions to see if you qualify for the program.Once you do qualify, enrolling is easy:

  1. Create a account.
  2. Upload one of the accepted document types (such as a pay stub or tax return) to verify your income.
  3. Select and confirm your benefits package.

Then, check your email to receive instructions on how to redeem your benefits. Visit your profile to redeem your benefits and keep track of your benefits status. Your BCBenefits enrollment is good for one year from the date you are accepted into the program. Once your enrollment expires, you can re-apply for another year.

Please note: Any personal information you provide as part of enrolling in or using the BCBenefits program will be kept confidential and private, and will only be used to verify your eligibility for the program. We also encourage you to black out information like your Social Security number before submitting your document.

Can I participate if I already have insurance?

Yes! BCBenefits is not health insurance — it is a program that helps with costs that are not covered by health insurance. Your eligibility for the program is based on your income and your location — you can be eligible for the program regardless of your health insurance situation.

Can I get emergency contraception through BCBenefits?

Yes! Everyone who qualifies for BCBenefits also qualifies for a free pack of Plan B One-Step emergency contraception. Once you qualify, you will receive an email with a link and a unique code to use to have your Plan B One-Step mailed to you. Please note that delivery will take 4-6 business days, so if you need emergency contraception for immediate use, you should not rely on the Plan B One-Step you will receive through BCBenefits.


Where is BCBenefits available?

BCBenefits is available in all 50 U.S. states and in the District of Columbia.


Redeeming Benefits

How do I redeem my benefits?

Your location and health insurance situation determine what kind of benefits packages you can choose from. How you redeem and claim your benefits depends on the benefits package you choose. Instructions to redeem your benefits are sent to the email address you used to sign up for BCBenefits. Visit your profile to claim your benefits and see your benefits status.

My benefits package requires me to upload receipts to get reimbursed for a birth control visit and my birth control method. How does that work?

Your BCBenefits enrollment lasts one year from the date you were accepted into the program. During this time, BCBenefits will reimburse you for the cost of…

  • one birth control visit with the health care provider of your choice, AND
  • a one-year supply of the birth control pill, patch, ring, or shot OR a one-time insertion of the diaphragm, IUD, or implant

Any time you pay for one of the above, save your receipts. Then, visit your profile to submit a birth control receipt. For a receipt to be approved for reimbursement, it must be submitted within 30 days from the receipt date and the purchase must be made while you are actively enrolled in BCBenefits.

Once your reimbursement is approved, you’ll be able to claim your reimbursement as an online or physical Visa or store gift card. Gift cards are provided in partnership with Tango Card and through the Tango Card platform.

What costs can be reimbursed from an in-person birth control visit?

You will need to pay for the costs up front, save your receipts, and upload to your BCBenefits account to receive reimbursement. You can be reimbursed up to $250 for your appointment costs, up to $1,250 for the cost of your method. Receipts are required, and all reimbursements will be reviewed by staff at BCBenefits.

What information is required for my birth control receipts to be approved?

  • Date of service or purchase
  • Name of patient
  • Name of vendor (e.g., name of health care provider, health facility, pharmacy, etc.)
  • Service or items purchased
  • Cost (dollar amount) of service or items purchased

Please make sure the total amount spent on birth control related costs is clear.

How do I submit a birth control receipt for reimbursement?

If you choose a benefits package that allows you to get reimbursed for birth control costs, you’ll need to pay for your birth control visit and method, save your receipt or receipts, and then submit your receipt or receipts to claim your reimbursement.

Once you’ve got a receipt that needs to be reimbursed, do the following:

  1. Cover or black out any sensitive information on your receipt such as your social security number, address, phone number, credit card or bank account number.
  2. Scan or take a photo of your receipt. Make sure the receipt date, the dollar amount, and the description of the birth control related item(s) or service(s) is visible and clear.
  3. Save the receipt photo or file.
  4. Visit your profile.
  5. Tap or click the “submit birth control receipt” button.
  6. Enter the receipt date. Please note: receipts older than 30 days will not be accepted. Receipts that are dated outside of your active BCBenefits enrollment period (i.e., before your acceptance into the program or after your enrollment expires) will also not be accepted.
  7. Select the birth control benefit the receipt covers:
    • Method only (1-month supply)
    • Method only (3-month supply)
    • Method only (IUD or implant)
    • Visit only
    • Visit + method (one-month supply)
    • Visit + method (three-month supply)
    • Visit + method (IUD or implant)
  8. Enter the total dollar amount you are claiming from this receipt. Include ONLY birth control related items from the receipt. Do not include costs related to lab tests, cancer screenings, vaccinations, non-birth control prescriptions, hospital stays, or any other services or items that are not associated with getting your prescription birth control.
  9. Upload the receipt photo or file.
  10. Tap or click “save and continue”.
  11. Review and confirm your receipt details.
  12. Submit your receipt. If you need to submit one or more additional receipts, tap or click “submit another birth control receipt”.

Where and who does BCBenefits accept birth control receipts from?

BCBenefits accepts receipts from any accredited health care providers, medical facilities, clinics, hospitals, health centers, and pharmacies for prescription birth control related costs.

How many receipts can I submit for reimbursement?

BCBenefits will cover one birth control visit with a health care provider and a one-year supply of the birth control pill, patch, ring, or shot OR a one-time insertion of the IUD, implant, or diaphragm. How many receipts you need to submit may depend on the birth control method you choose.

For example, let’s say you decide to get the birth control pill. Birth control pill prescriptions often require you to pick up a one-month supply each month from your pharmacy. This means you may need to submit a receipt for the birth control visit with your health provider, then submit a receipt every time you pick up your pill each month.

Or, for example, let’s say you decide to get the IUD Once an IUD is inserted, it will last between 7 and 12 years (depending on the type of IUD). This means your birth control visit and IUD insertion would be a one-time cost from your health care provider, and you may only need to submit one receipt to get reimbursed.

Ultimately, you can submit as many receipts as you need to claim the birth control benefits you are entitled to as part of your BCBenefits package. If you have any questions about submitting receipts or reimbursement, please don’t hesitate to

what you may qualify for

Depending where you live, you could get one or more of the following benefits.

Virtual Birth Control Visit + Birth Control Pill

Free remote, virtual birth control visit with one of our partner health providers and a free one-year supply of the birth control pill, mailed directly to you.

Birth Control Visit + Any Birth Control Method

Submit receipts to get reimbursed for a visit with any health provider to get the birth control method of your choice. If you choose to get the birth control pill, patch, ring, or shot, you can get reimbursed for up to a one-year supply.

Roundtrip Ride

Receive a rideshare or gas gift card to cover travel expenses to and from an in-person birth control visit.