It's a spectrum

Your sexual orientation may feel totally fluid and that’s 100% okay.

We are fluid human beings—free to change and evolve at any given time. No matter what sexual orientation you identify with now, it is completely okay for that to change throughout your life—or for it to remain the same throughout. Whether you’re testing the waters, completely solid on where you stand, or just want more insight on some of the many different sexual identities, here are a few quick definitions for you:

Aromantic: having little or no romantic attraction to others. Aromantics likely have little or no desire to pursue romantic relationships.

Asexual: having little or no sexual attraction to others. Unlike aromantics, asexual folks may want romantic relationships, just without the desire for having sex.

Bisexual: sexual attraction to both men and women. Bisexuals mainly keep their range of attraction limited to two specific categories.

Demisexual: not experiencing sexual attraction unless there is an emotional connection.

Heterosexual: commonly described as being “straight,” heterosexuals are sexually and romantically attracted to a gender different than their own.

Homosexual: attraction towards people of your own gender. More common descriptors are “gay” for men who are attracted to other men or “lesbian” for women who are attracted to other women.

Pansexual: the prefix, “pan” comes from the Greek suffix meaning, “all.” Pansexual people may feel attracted to people of any gender or gender identity (male, female, trans, genderqueer, etc.).

You and your sexuality amount to so much more than a simple list of definitions, and it’s totally up to you how you choose to define yourself—or you can skip labels altogether! No matter what, we think you’re fabulous just the way you are.

Written by Afshan Mizrahi

Afshan Mizrahi enjoys anything that relates to people or music. Afshan promotes sexual awareness and knowledge through social media. Her full name translates to: blooming flower of royalty lives in the ash tree grove of the east.

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