You asked, we listened

Here are the results from last year's Bedsider feedback survey

Last year, we surveyed both new and returning users who visited Bedsider to solicit feedback to make Bedsider even more awesome. The results below provide an overview of the feedback we received, highlighting the things Bedsider is doing well, as well as areas we’re currently improving.

The majority of respondents indicated that they came to Bedsider for information related to birth control, followed closely by those indicating that they were seeking answers to questions they had about birth control. Respondents also indicated that they visited Bedsider for articles on topics related to sex and relationships, as well as for help finding a health care clinic and/or provider.

Moving forward, we’re going to continue providing you great content related to all things birth control and make sure we’re amping up our discussions related to sex and relationships.

When asked about how well Bedsider meets their current needs, the majority of users responded very well or extremely well. We’re thrilled to hear that Bedsider content resonates with our users, and to ensure it continues to do so, we are dedicated to conducting regular surveys with our Frisky Friday subscribers and users more generally to make sure our content is tackling all the questions you have related to sexual health, birth control, sex, love, and relationships.

When asked what kind of content they would like to see on Bedsider, the majority of respondents indicated they were interested in birth control, whether it was articles about different birth control methods or reviews from real users. This was followed closely by articles about sex and relationships and more videos and interactive features. Respondents who noted that they were interested in other types of content stated a need for information on STDs/STIs, where to locate free birth control, reviews of different types of birth control from real women, and more content catered towards men.

We are currently in the midst of expanding our content related to birth control and incorporating first-person narratives about people’s birth control journeys. Additionally, we are producing content that is more interactive, with a focus on shareable videos that can be utilized across Bedsider’s social platforms.

Stay tuned to see how we incorporate these changes and continue to improve Bedsider.

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