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12 Instagram accounts that will instantly make you feel better

Shh shh shh it's okay

Whew, y'all. It’s a lot. Sometimes you just need to tune out for five minutes or hours. So cancel your meetings, get back in bed, and let us take you on a journey of distraction.

Part 1: Funny stuff that’ll make you laugh

1. @rubyetc_

2. @rachel_harper_comedy

3. @yagalifefacts

4. @iamzoie

5. @megsstalter

6. @shuturp

Part 2: Mesmerizing stuff to stare at

7. @witenry

8. @ifyouhigh

9. @rocksforthespirit

10. @hydraulicpresschann

11. @ryanpernofski

12. @epiclava_


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