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Best. Clinic. Ever. December 2015

Showing the love to the best of the best clinics out there.

Bedsider has the largest list of health centers, clinics, and private practices that can help you find birth control you love. Every couple of months, we give a special shout out to the best of the best. These professionals inspire us the most with their commitment to contraception and healthy, happy patients.

Haven Health Clinic: Amarillo, TX

Their mission is to provide access to quality medical care, reproductive health services, and education for women and men regardless of their ability to pay. In addition to offering HIV/STI testing and pregnancy tests, they’re incredible when it comes to getting info and the insertion of an IUD or the implant. In fact, we love their program offering free IUDs and implants for women in the upper 26 counties of the Texas Panhandle. Yee haw!

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