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FAQs - Emergency contraception
How effective is emergency contraception at preventing pregnancy?
Birth control
No controversy: 5 fantastic arguments for better birth control access
Good for women, good for taxpayers, good for businesses... winning!
Boundaries & consent
When you don't want to: Dealing with sexual assault
If someone ever makes you do something sexual that you don’t want to do, that’s sexual assault.
Boundaries & consent
Birth control bullies: When your partner wants your method to fail
Messing with a partner's birth control is abuse—and it may be depressingly common.
Emergency contraception
Whoops! Birth control you can use after sex
There are lots of reasons the best laid plans for using birth control don't work out...
Emergency contraception
The new rules for emergency contraception
Make sure you're up to speed on who, what, when, where, and how to get emergency contraception in the U.S.
The emergency contraceptive that keeps going... and going…
Which emergency contraception method is most like the Energizer Bunny?
FAQs - Condom
The condom broke. What should I do?
Activism & politics
Mail order birth control for a good cause
Sweet! You can order the pill or EC online and help another person get birth control at the same time.
How to avoid 6 common condom problems
Condom trouble? First, don't give up. Second, make sure you're using the right condoms the right way.
Birth control
Earth Day Reminder: Birth Control is Green!
Worried about the environment? Ditching your birth control is not the answer.
Not sure what birth control is right for you?

Find a method that fits your body and your life with our interactive method explorer.

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