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Not-so-shocking news: People like sex, whether or not it involves using a condom.

We’ve heard some pretty colorful excuses for not using condoms. Reducing sensitivity is definitely a big one. Fortunately, science is here to assure us that condoms may be a barrier to STI transmission, but they’re no barrier to sexual pleasure.

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Just started a new method of birth control? Congrats! You should still use condoms.

Most of us have said, or heard a friend say, at one point or another “Hello birth control—goodbye condoms!” But considering that young women have the highest risk for accidental pregnancy and STIs, birth control + condoms may be a better option.

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With the right action-plan, two of the most common STIs are preventable and curable.

Nothing takes the sexy out of sexy times like worrying about STIs, but having a plan to deal with them will keep you healthier and sexier. And, bonus, some of the most common STIs can be prevented—and, if you get one, cured.