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Build your bae

Whether you want a partner, have a partner, or you’re madly in love with yourself, we hope you spend this year making L-O-V-E!

In fact, we want to help you literally make your soulmate—complete with black dresses, full beards, and the birth control method of your dreams. Not quite sure what we mean? We made videos of our own, to show you how it’s done.

Get crafty

Ready to build your bae? We have cut outs galore and body types to make you swoon. Let’s do it.

Step 1: Choose your boo (select from B/W or a color version)

Step 2: Pick their clothes/accessories to channel their personal vibes (B/W | Color)

Step 3: Select random fun stuff to show off what’s important to you/them:

  • Badass i.e. birth control, pussy hat, briefcase, hot sauce, etc. (B/W | Color)

  • Date Night i.e. flowers, fuzzy handcuffs, candles, etc. (B/W | Color)

  • Fur Babies i.e. pet pig, puppy, tiny booties, etc. (B/W | Color)

  • Girls Night i.e. wine, pillows, radio, etc. (B/W | Color)

  • Salon i.e. top bun, long locks, sweet bangs, etc. (B/W | Color)

  • Tasty i.e. pizza, donuts, coffee, etc. (B/W | Color)

  • Random i.e. words bubbles, iPhone, headphones, etc. (B/W | Color)

Step 4: Print out the sheets you need (cardstock works best)

Step 5: Chose the B/W versions? Grab some markers/pencils and go full art school on these things

Step 6: Cut everything out

Step 7: Place your fave pieces on (or near) your bae

Step 8: Take pics with your new boo and share on social. Use #MakeSomeLove and tag @Bedsider