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    1. How can patients find and reach you?

    2. How many patients receive services at this location annually?

    3. Is your facility ADA-accessible?

    4. Does your location offer transportation assistance?

    5. Which services are offered at your location?

    6. Do you offer extended hours at your location?

    7. Is a female provider always an option for your patient?

    8. Does this site receive public funding? (Check all that apply)

    9. Describe your location's acceptance of health insurance. (Check all that apply)

    10. Describe the financial assistance at your location. (Check all that apply)

    11. Which language(s) other than English are spoken at your location?

    12. What methods of contraception do you offer? (Check all that apply) *

    13. Describe the availability of LARC services at your location. (Check all that apply)

    14. Do you consider your location to be LGBTQ-friendly?

    15. Do you consider your office to be teen-friendly?

    16. How can we contact you with further questions?

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