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Anything I can do so that my partner doesn't feel the ring during sex?
updated 5 days ago

Both the Annovera and the NuvaRing are designed to keep in during sex. During the three weeks (21 days) that you have the Annovera in, it’s important not to take it out. But if it ever comes out, make sure to put it back in right away. If Annovera is out of your vagina for more than two hours total during those 21 days, you will need to use a backup method of birth control for seven days after putting it back in.

If you are using the NuvaRing and decide to take it out during sex during the three weeks (21 days) that you have the ring in, make sure to put it back in as soon as possible. If it’s out for more than 48 hours, you’re at risk for getting pregnant, and you’ll need to use a backup form of birth control for 7 days after putting the ring back in.

Still not working?

If you want a method that you don’t have to remember daily, you won’t have to remove in the moment, and that your partner won’t feel during sex, you might want to go with the implant, shot, or patch.

Try a different method

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