Is it safe to take the pill for years without a break?

I've been taking the pill for years without a break. Is that safe?

The short answer is yes—there’s no reason to take a break from the pill unless you’ve decided you want to get pregnant. That’s true for continuous use of the pill too—although if you experience spotting, you may want to take an occasional break (3 days minimum, 7 days max) to manage it.

There’s been lots of research on birth control pills over the years and the consensus is that long-term use doesn’t affect your ability to get pregnant once you stop taking the pill. It’s always a good idea to stay current on your annual health exams, whether you use the pill or another method. Our health changes over time, and some changes like rising blood pressure or worse migraines may make it risky to use methods with estrogen.

Still not working?

If you smoke or have a medical condition that makes the pill risky for you, consider trying a progestin-only method instead.

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