What are my options if I want something more effective than withdrawal, but don't want to visit a doctor?

I want something more effective, but still don't want to visit the doctor.

Good to hear that you’re thinking about more reliable methods of birth control! You can buy multiple methods over-the-counter such as condoms, internal condoms, the sponge, and spermicide. However, the most effective methods are only available after a visit with the doctor, so we hope you’ll think about making an appointment. At the very least it’s good to be getting annual exams when you’re sexually active.

Try searching for low costs clinics, if you don’t have insurance coverage. And while you’re there for the appointment, you might as well talk with your provider about your birth control options, right?

Still not working?

Even if you’re dead set against a visit to the doctor, we still want you to be covered. Give female condoms or male condoms a go—you can find them in drug stores, clinics, supermarkets, and even some bars and clubs. You can also get emergency contraception without a prescription over the counter or online. It’s great to have on hand, but we don’t recommend you use it as a regular method. Think of it as a back-up for those “whoops” moments.

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