Is telehealth good health care?

It absolutely can be. Tons of providers offer telehealth services, and while we obviously can’t vouch for all of them, we can say that health care providers who work in telehealth are real human beings who are required to fulfill the same licensing, education, and certification requirements as providers offering in-person care. And many of them DO offer in-person care as well.

Don’t just take our word for it though—there’s been research done on this very topic. And it’s shown that telehealth is a safe and effective way to get birth control, that STI testing via telehealth is accurate, and that UTI testing and treatment via telehealth is effective. There’s even a recent study that found that telehealth companies do as good a job—or perhaps an even better job—as in-person providers at identifying when a person has a health condition that would make taking birth control risky for them and NOT prescribing it for them.

For more info on telehealth and what it can do for you (think: getting your birth control delivered to your door), here’s an article all about it.

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