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Will the patch fall off?
updated over 4 years ago

Patches fall off only about 5% of the time—so not very often. But if the patch falls off, no worries. You can stick the same patch back on if it’s been less than 24 hours and the patch is still sticky. Or, you can just apply a new patch.

DO NOT use bandages, tape, or adhesive to make a non-sticky patch stick. The hormones that keep you from getting pregnant are mixed with the adhesive, so if it won’t stick, it’s also not going to be effective as birth control.

Try this: Make sure you don’t use any “lotions or potions” (you know, powders, creams, medications, etc.) on your skin where you put the patch. Even moisturizing after the shower can interfere with the patch sticking.

Still not working?

If it still keeps falling off, maybe you want to try a method that goes on the inside. Maybe the implant, an IUD, or the ring.

Try a different method

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