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Get your heart racing

Follow these moves to tone, stretch and strengthen your body while getting it ready for the best sex of your life. Try one and get flexible before your next fling!

Every time we do Happy Baby pose we end up rolling around on our yoga mat, laughing. As if that isn’t reason enough to do this, it also helps realign the spine, opens the hips, stretches the inner groin, and strengthens the arms and shoulders. It also gets you ready for missionary and many other positions. Plus, it’s a great stress reliever.

A powerful inner thigh workout that also boosts your arms, back, butt, and quads. (Muscles you’re definitely going to use in the bedroom…ahem.)

Firming up the backside for those times when you’re bedside. This move will give you strength and stamina in many positions, including when you’re on top. It’ll also sculpt your butt, work your core, and tone your hamstrings for fit legs.

Flexibility is a good thing, especially in the bedroom. That’s where the Frog Stretch can help. It opens up the inner thighs, groin, and hips. Some even believe that this stretch can help increase intimacy and release inhibitions.

A classic yoga pose to stretch your abs, increase upper-body strength, alleviate stress, and prevent injuries by keeping your hips flexible. They say it even elevates mood, helps with menstrual irregularities, and improves digestion. We say try it if you want to feel good on top and empowered in bed.

Think about how much you use your thighs when you’re getting it on. Now try this powerful move to strengthen your inner thighs for even more fun in bed.

You’re a goddess every day, but try this yoga pose when you really want to show off your power. It’ll strengthen your lower body, open up your hips and chest, stimulate the reproductive organs, improve your respiratory and cardiovascular systems, and improve balance. Some say it helps with focus and concentration too.