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Do birth control pills really increase the risk of breast cancer? (Short answer: no.)

Wondering if your birth control can increase your risk of breast cancer? This is a common concern, but don’t worry, we have lots of studies showing that birth control does not increase breast...

Your questions answered
Hormonal birth control is one of the best ways to manage painful periods.

Having a painful period can mess up your day, or week—or weeks! Every woman’s period is different and the same woman’s periods are often different over time. So how do you know if the pain you...

Birth Control Basics

  • Why should I?

    A few of our favorite reasons why birth control is a very good idea.

  • Hello, birth control

    When it comes to birth control, you’ve got a lot of options.

  • Avoid the gap

    Birth control between boyfriends is smart just in case things get spontaneous.