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Start by talking to your partner before getting down to your skivvies—and go from there.

Part of a three-part series originally published to Tumblr on April 18, 2013. While you can’t eliminate all risk when getting intimate with a partner, a comprehensive approach that includes...

Think you know everything you need to know about STIs? You might be surprised.

Safer sex—comprehensive safer sex, that is—includes more than just using barriers consistently and correctly. You also need to talk about risk in advance of any sexual activity. That’s where most...

Birth Control Basics

  • Why should I?

    A few of our favorite reasons why birth control is a very good idea.

  • Hello, birth control

    When it comes to birth control, you’ve got a lot of options.

  • Avoid the gap

    Birth control between boyfriends is smart just in case things get spontaneous.