April horoscopes: Spring has sprung (and the animals aren’t the only ones getting busy)

Some say April is named for Aphrodite, and if the stars this year are any indication, you’ll make the Greek goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, and procreation proud this month. (BTW, if the procreation part isn’t in your plans right now, be extra careful with your birth control this month.)

Hooking up with an old flame? You know better, but the sizzling sex keeps you coming back for more. Don’t give in to tunnel vision—there are loads of fish in the sea who would love to get to know you better, and they’ll be swimming all around you this month if you keep your eyes open. Is the universe trying to save you from your ex? Around the 17th, you’ll get the reality check you need to move on.

Let’s get physical. Whether it’s long hours at the gym or long hours between the sheets, you’ve got energy and passion to spare this month. Enjoy it. Things are harder to navigate toward the end of April, especially at work. Team building can be tricky when people are barely getting along. Luckily your kickass tenacity will help you steer clear of the drama and keep your eye on the ball.

You’re oozing sexual magnetism right now and may find that some of your friends aren’t immune to your charm. The attention is flattering and you’ll be in your element with all the flirting, but be aware that someone might just want to leave the friend zone and get to know you better. It’s a gamble, Gemini, so make sure you really think through what you want before crossing that boundary. You’ll be better prepared to make the decision after the 13th if you can hold off till then.

You’ve got a talent for making your love interest feel safe and secure, and the cozy atmosphere you create will take you to surprising new depths of intimacy this month. (BTW, we’re not just talking cuddles—all that intimacy will probably lead to some serious heat in the bedroom, so make sure your birth control is ready.) After feeling oh-so-close in the first half of the month, it may be a shock to your system if your partner suddenly needs a bit more space after the 14th. Don’t panic. If what you share is real, you won’t lose it.

You shine at whatever you do, and right now you’re all about the self-expression. Whether it’s sweet flirting, hot sexting, or old-school love letters, you’ve got the word-magic and you’re not afraid to use it. The one thing you’re not ready to express at the moment? Your undying devotion to any one person. You need room to roam right now, but around the middle of the month, somebody might get more attached than you’re comfortable with. Good thing you know how to be kind and can let them down gently.

From breaking new ground in the bedroom to talking about moving in with your boo, you’re exploring new territory in relationships. It’s an exciting time, but it can also be a bit scary. If you notice some red flags as you ride the love wave into new commitment, listen to your intuition. You’re being cautious because you don’t want to get in over your head. Don’t stress or put too much pressure on yourself: if what you’re contemplating is worth taking to the next level, you’ll know after the 14th.

Your theme-song this month: Should I stay or should I go? April forces you to find your authentic truth. When your partner pulls some unexpected moves mid-month, you’ve got to decide what it means for your relationship. The good news? Some magic will happen when you make up your mind and you’ll feel a powerful surge of momentum ushering you along in whatever direction you’ve chosen.

You’re feeling a serious need to serve something greater than yourself. Whether it be a social or political cause, or pouring your heart into your relationship, you are intense and completely dedicated. Just watch out if you feel your passion leaning toward self-righteousness—especially around the end of the month. It may be tempting to use your awe-inspiring power to steamroll whatever gets in your way, but in the long run you’ll accomplish more if you leave room for some sensitivity and nuance.

You’ve done the work for the past two years, and now you’re reaping the rewards. A new creative opportunity that’s right up your alley will present itself mid-month—be ready to say hell yes! You’ve made a lot of progress, but the work isn’t over yet. Keep the pace but don’t push yourself too hard. You’re up for the challenge, and you’ve got confidence in spades, but all work and no play would make Sagittarius a dull centaur.

Slacking is typically unheard of in your world, but someone so sexy has come along that you may find yourself tempted to blow off responsibilities and let yourself be distracted. Don’t stress—it might actually be good for you to take a break and have some fun. A dose of mind-blowing passion is a great way to clear your head, recharge, and be more productive in the long run. Keep an eye on your calendar though, especially mid-month, when too much reckless abandon could backfire.

Your hunger for meaningful discussion and exchange of ideas is being satisfied in a big way right now. The relationships you’re attracting stimulate your favorite erogenous zone—your mind—and all that excitement may spill over to your sex life. (Could be a great time to bring words into the bedroom with some dirty talk.) Word to the wise: when it comes to your partner’s feelings, handle with care. Skimping on the emotional connectivity could lead to conflict at the end of the month.

Something about your otherworldly sparkle is getting you a lot of attention this month. Your sex life is downright explosive right now and you’re achieving new heights of confidence. You’re also learning that your sensitivity is a source of power in bed, not a weakness! Enjoy the volcanic action and try to be like the molten lava—smolder and flow without getting too attached. This isn’t the best moment to play for keeps, so protect your gentle heart until the time is right.

You’re gonna’ melt all that frost,

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