October horoscopes: Less tricks…more treats

When it comes to dating, October is full of sweet surprises. Whether you’re hoping to spice things up or searching for “the one,” here’s what the stars have in store.

You usually have a major crush—and you love telling everyone about it—but lately you’ve been quieter. It’s not that there’s no action. You’ve just got some hidden crushes, or maybe even a hush-hush love affair. Sorting out your feelings might cause some confusion, so it’s a good idea to meditate for some clarity. Once you get clear about why this situation is under wraps, you can decide whether or not it’s worth bringing into the open.

You’re very protective of your innermost thoughts, but this month you might be dating someone who already knows you well. They’ve probably liked you for a while, but they were scared to make a move. While dating someone who already knows you can be scary at first, try not to worry. Halloween week should bring the clarity you’ll need.

As far as dating goes, you’re usually up for anything, but for once, your calendar isn’t full of Tinder dates. While being choosy may slow your dating life down in the beginning, things will pick up towards the end of the month. There’s someone at work who might have the qualities you want—be sure to keep an eye out.

You’re attracting attention from lots of interesting people, but you’re craving a special someone who is adventurous and unique. You really want a foreign lover—someone who can share their travel stories on a romantic dinner date. Who knows! If you get what you want by the end of the month, you may be enjoying Halloween in a far-off land.

Sometimes you worry there aren’t lovers who will see how special you are, but we have great news: from mid-month onward, you’ll be drowning in new boos who are completely smitten by you. You’ll just need to make everyone understand that sappy romance isn’t your style (so they’ll know the best way into your heart). While you sort out all the attention you’re getting this month, your intellectual equal is likely to materialize just in time for some Halloween romance.

After a pretty intense dry spell, your dating life is getting steamy. You’re making the kinds of connections that nourish your spirit, and you’re confident that love is just around the corner.  While others might surf Tinder for their cosmic connections, you’re matching with potential boos at all your favorite places—like yoga class, bookstores, or your local tea shop. Instead of a costume party, opt for a quiet Halloween. Haunt your favorite bookstore with a fellow dreamer.

You are totally turned on by the chase. While you love to wow your dates with your individuality and charm, try a little subtlety this month—especially between the 1st and the 12th, when you’ll meet a love interest who needs a more delicate touch. The attraction and chemistry are there, but you’ll want to tone down your approach. If you can maintain the magnetism while playing up your patience, an amazing sexual connection could be yours by the end of the month.

You’re radiating an allure that turns heads wherever you go (especially at the beginning of the month). You don’t have to do anything except have fun and let yourself be pursued. Even that special somebody you’ve had your eye on can’t resist you, and by mid-month, your crush will be waiting to ask you out!

You’ve got plenty of crushes, flirtations, and interests this month. The variety feeds your need for excitement, but remember that others can be more possessive of you than you are of them. A few boos might want to keep you for themselves. Don’t be afraid to be honest. It might seem harsh, but sometimes it’s more loving to clear up confusion.

Use your imagination to spice up your love life throughout October. Whether it’s on a dating app, in person, or over the phone, your mental faculties can add another dimension to foreplay (especially the first week of the month). You may feel vulnerable when you catch feelings for someone special near Halloween, but ride the wave. Letting yourself fall might be the right thing this time.

You like to live in the moment when it comes to love—but lately you’ve realized you also have a list of things you want in a boo. Don’t worry! This month offers up possible relationships that are in tune with your specific needs and desires. It’s a good idea to hold back a bit on romantic gestures until you’re sure your love interest is really what you want.

If there was ever a time to feel desirable, it’s now. Your dating life is on fire, and you’re getting more than your fair share of attention. The practical part of you might want to pull back from all the interest, but take a deep breath and try to go all in (within reason, of course). If things go especially well with one of your many options, chances are there will be some deeper sexual exploration around Halloween. Make sure your birth control is covered.

Hope this month brings treats that are both sexy and sweet!


P.S. Sometimes it’s hard to know what’s bringing you down. If you’re worried it’s your birth control, we’ll help you separate the myths and facts.

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