4 naughty GIFs to send on Thanks, Birth Control Day

It's time to up your sext game.

You know what makes great sex even better? Knowing that your birth control is covered! Effective birth control allows you to control your sex life and plan for the future on your own terms. That’s why we’re celebrating Thanks, Birth Control Day on November 15th.

Wanna celebrate the day by getting your flirt on? We’ve got some gifs you can share with your boo.

1. Drop a not-so-subtle hint by sending this to a special someone. No matter who they are or what they’re into, they’ll want to involve you.

2. Wanna let Bae know you’re open to new things? A list of 20 different sex positions might do the trick. After you send this card, make a date to experiment.

3. Send this one to your boo, and see what you get in response.

4. If birth control makes your sex life even better, share this card and let everyone know it.

There are so many reasons to be thankful for birth control—and so many ways to say #ThxBirthControl. Cards not your thing? Buy a shirt and post a selfie. Share your story about what birth control makes possible for you. Tweet. Grab a bullhorn and shout thanks from your window. Whatever you decide to do, we can’t wait to celebrate with you.



P.S. We hope you never have to deal with an unplanned pregnancy. But in case you do, here are your options.

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