April Horoscopes: Things are warming up

April brings warmer days and chilly nights, as well as lots of opportunity for you to generate some heat of your own. Here’s what’s in the stars for you this month.

You’re revved up and ready to go this month, which is why you’re thrusting your desires out there a little more than usual… though you might not be getting the kind of thrusting you’re looking for. You might not get the full release you’re hoping for this month, but you gotta admit that the build up is kinda hot.

You’re usually the sweet, sensual bull who values comfort over intensity. But you’re feeling confident this month, and looking for some especially hot action. Luckily, the Universe is likely to send you just that (especially around the 15th). Don’t let it distract from the other demands of a relationship: make sure you’re working through personal differences outside of the bedroom. (Hint: we know you’re not super big on compromise, but it might help.)

Though you often prefer trysts that are more light and flirtatious, you’ll try anything once. And there may just be a lover who wants to take things to a far deeper place with you than usual. Be careful of your knee-jerk reaction to run when you start to feel restless (especially mid-month), as you could really hurt this person if you bail without explanation.

It might only be early spring, but there’s already a heat inside of you right now that’s making you extra passionate about your heart’s desires… or maybe just extra argumentative. Either way, sex is your release, and a good outlet for the pressure you’re feeling in the rest of your life. But no matter what sides of yourself you choose to express, don’t forget your greatest need as a Cancer: tenderness.

You tend to go big when it comes to love (and, let’s be honest, everything else, too). And this month, you’re doing everything you can to make your lover feel like they are in the presence of royalty. But be careful of going overkill on your own vision of “the perfect evening” and ignoring what your boo wants. Pay attention to the tone of the moment, and you may find that the two of you don’t need much to make a memorable night.

Sex is physical and potent for you this month, and you might be discovering new depths in your sexual nature. But your over-analytical mind could be unable to accept pleasure for pleasure’s sake. You may be tempted to self-sabotage by playing some mind games. Definitely check in with some of these obsessive thoughts. They may be rooted in reality, but then again… maybe not.

You can sometimes obsess over fixing things between you and your partner. And this month, you’ll have some extra energy that might drive you to seek sexual harmony where it may be lacking. The extra tension in your relationship might indicate some things that are out of whack between you both in a deeper way. Be wary of trying to smooth over those road bumps: chances are, you’ll need more than hot sex to make sure you and bae are on the same page.

You’ve been diving into new depths of your sexuality, and helping your partner do the same. But you may find that some less desirable forms of intensity are showing up as well, causing some less-than-sexy conflicts. You’re not just stirring the pot, though – you’re really concerned about whether your partner is all in. Give them a chance, though: you’re a force to be reckoned with.

Sex has definitely taken a deep and intimate turn lately, but you’re still keeping the fun and fiery aspect of it alive. What you initially thought was just a hook-up might start to feel like something much more. Maybe it’s time to consider the next level of commitment? If you still feel the same after the week of the 18th, then we say go for it. But if you suddenly get cold feet, it may be a good idea to hit the brakes until you’re sure.

Your recipe for sex this month includes one part fiery passion, one part powerful lust, and one part slow building pleasure. And as always, you are all about the pacing. It could be that with the rest of your busy life’s demands, you’re ok with quality over quantity. You don’t mind waiting, as long as you know that you are building towards a release of that bombastic sexual energy burning within you.

When you’re hot you’re hot… and when you’re not, you’re not. Your sex drive has a mind of its own. But this month, you’re definitely ON. Some powerfully primal action is on its way, but be careful: it could be easy to lose some balance this month while getting lost in a sex bender, and you may need a reminder from the Universe to get back on task. Luckily, you’re pretty good at self-correcting, and things get a lot easier after the 20th.

You’ve always had an active fantasy life, but some of your wilder sex fantasies might be coming to surface this month. Maybe you’re into trying some role play, or perhaps just finding new ways to express your sexuality. You’re likely to discover some sides of yourself that you didn’t know were there, which could be a total turn-on, or make you a little insecure. Just keep up the open communication with your partner, and all should go swimmingly.


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