May Horoscopes: Change is in the air

Spring is the season of change, and May could be the right time to finally make an important decision that you’ve been avoiding, or tackle a new and intimidating challenge. Whether in your relationships, sex life, or work, there could be some big developments in store for you. Here’s what’s in the stars for you this month:

Sure, you understand how important it is to put your nose to the grindstone and work hard. But you need some playful fun this month, and fortunately, you’re getting it! You can expect lots of flirty, giddy sex, as well as some lazy mornings spent lying in bed laughing with your boo. Enjoy the springtime buzz, and get ready for some big changes after the 16th: everything from your work life to your sex life could be ready for an overhaul. Don’t worry, practical Taurus, you’re more than ready to handle any changes life throws your way.

Ok, party animal, we see you taking full advantage of the warm weather and flirty springtime vibes. And you should be! This month is a chance for you to live it up and step outside of your comfort zone. Your Gemini disposition will make it especially easy for you to be a social butterfly, so don’t be afraid to turn on the charm, whether it’s meeting new friends or flirting with a new love interest. Unexpected work obligations could distract you from the fun, but you’ll get through it with an extra burst of energy.

You’ve been doing some tough work lately to “get real” with yourself and focus on self-improvement, but there’s still something lingering under the surface. Maybe there’s a problem in your relationship that you’ve been trying to ignore? Or an unhealthy habit you keep pretending isn’t there? Whatever it is, it’s likely to surface this month, so now is the time to face it head on. It might really suck, but the universe has your back this month! And the relief you feel by the end of the month will be well worth it.

You’ve been putting off some major work, and you need someone or something to light a fire under your ass to get you moving on it. Fortunately, this month will do just that. Whether it’s time to make your relationship official, cut ties with someone who is holding you back, or re-download your dating apps, this month is your time to make changes…or waves. Think of this month as some necessary prep before a blissful summer spent doing what Leos do best: lounging in the sunshine. (But since you’re not actually a lion, make sure to keep your sunscreen handy.)

You tend to overthink things, Virgo, which makes you a more observant and analytical person. But it’s also exhausting to always keep your brain running on overdrive. You might get especially in your head this month as you try to resolve a nagging issue in your life, but remember that no matter how much you obsess, you can’t fix everything overnight (especially when it comes to your relationship). Don’t forget how much work you put into the people and things you care about, and give yourself credit: you’re not perfect, but plenty of things in your life are.

You don’t always love change, but you’ve been acclimating to a lot of it over the past few months. It’s been tough, but your hard work has been worth it. You’ll see clear evidence of that early this month, and you may find that you’re more comfortable standing up for yourself. But the work isn’t over, and you’ll soon encounter some unexpected obstacles in your professional life. Make things easier by spending some extra time with your love interest, or giving yourself an extra large dose of self-love—the extra physical attention will make you feel more confident. And when work gets stressful, you might benefit from some extra physical release when you get home at night.

Lately, your life has boiled down to just two things: work and sex. You’ve been putting tons of hard work into both, and you’re feeling hungry for professional success, and horny as hell. It might feel like you’re on top of the world, being a badass boss by day and having soul-bending orgasms by night. Enjoy it! But be prepared for your hot streak to come to an end when you run out of energy mid-month. You can’t live on coffee and sex alone!

You’re the kind of person who loves to buy drinks for the table and spoil your partner with romantic surprises, but some financial changes this month could make you anxious about your spending habits. You might even pick up some extra work or overtime. It’s a good idea to set some financial goals, but keep them realistic: don’t try to change everything all at once. Spending money on the people you love makes you happy, and there’s a way for you to do it responsibly. If you’re in a relationship, this month is a good chance for you and your partner to talk about finances. Whether you’ve been dating only a few months, or you live together and share a bank account, it will be helpful for you to share your financial worries with them.

Take some time to reflect on the work you’ve done on yourself this year. Your hyper-focused ambition earns you impressive accomplishments, but it also means some priorities might have escaped your attention. Maybe you’ve been spending so much time at work, you haven’t made it to happy hour with your friends in months. Or maybe you’ve strengthened your relationship so much that you’re talking about getting hitched, but you’re nervous about what marriage would mean for your finances. Take some quiet moments to reflect on what feels off balance and what deserves more of your time. Then, follow your moral compass and make any course corrections that feel necessary.

Feeling antsy this month? You might be struck by new energy that motivates you to be extra proactive about your desires. You’re highly charged about what you want – and that includes some intense, hot sex with someone you just can’t keep your eyes (or hands) off of. And your eagerness to jump one another’s bones only gets more intense when the two of you encounter some resistance, like a mutual friend who thinks you’re rushing into things. Obstacles always make you even more resolute about what you want, but pay attention to the road signs while you’re barreling down the lust highway. Enjoy the fun this month has in store, but listen to the people who care about you and obey the speed limit.

You’ve been saying “yes” a lot over the past few months, which has made you more open and receptive to new experiences. But it’s also worn you out a bit, and now you might be second-guessing some of your choices, especially when it comes to your love life. It’s natural to look back and wonder if you made the right decision, especially when it’s something as big as starting or ending a relationship, but your judgment is good—trust it! And give yourself some credit: by keeping your heart and your mind open, you’ve put a tremendous amount of energy into big changes. Take a minute to acknowledge how brave and badass you are.

You’ve been pushing yourself hard lately, and you have some awesome accomplishments to show for it. But something might be slowing you down this month. Now’s the time to take stock of what you really need to carry with you into your next adventure, and what you might be ready to drop. Maybe your relationship is holding you back more than you’ve wanted to admit, or maybe your work/life balance is keeping you from having the personal life you want. Take this month to reflect on your accomplishments and figure out how to keep your momentum going!


P.S. You know what’s great when you’re going through a lot of changes in life? Birth control you hardly even have to think about like an IUD or implant.

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