July horoscopes: Slow, steamy days

Long summer days are back! The forecast and the stars are calling for you to slow down and settle into some steamy days and nights ahead.


You are no stranger to love’s highs and lows. This month you’re definitely digging deeper into your feelings about your love life. This can bring up some uncomfortable topics like shared resources, unspoken resentments, or sexual preferences. But whatever it is, this month is likely to bring it to the surface and force you to look at it. Luckily for you, you are also getting pretty wise about what to do in these situations, and you can listen to that intuitive, truthful voice deep within. It will tell you whether it’s worth working this situation out, or perhaps jumping ship and making for less choppy waters. Just keep in mind that permanent decisions are best saved until next month, if you can help it.


Has your obsession (whether relationship, work, or love interest) been so all-consuming that you’ve let some things go? Like friendships? Working towards goals and dreams? Thinking about the big picture? You may feel some re-routing of your attention this month as the outside world makes itself a bit more obvious to you. This may be jarring at first, and make you suddenly feel like you’re being asked, unfairly, to focus on everything at once. (Especially towards the end of the month). But really, if you get anything from this time, it should be an awareness of what a better balance might look like. Don’t worry. What matters to you won’t be going anywhere while you’re taking your time to recalibrate your energies.


Your awareness serves you well this month as you begin to take action in more of a management role. (Whether that’s managing the office, or managing at home). But, this month isn’t great for steady momentum… and you are gonna feel like you’re trudging through sand when it comes to attempting it. Rather than getting frazzled over the confusion or slow pace, just relax and go at a pace that makes sense for you at this time. You are always holding yourself to such high standards, and rest assured, you are ahead of the game compared to most. Take some time to reward yourself for your efforts as well as results, especially mid-month, when you are gonna be feeling a bigger need for self-love and pleasure.


Re-examining some recent plans you’ve made might be the focus of the month. Even though nobody likes to take steps backward, you’re gonna thank yourself that you did, especially come the end of the month. Spending the extra energy may be throwing you off in your sex life, and it’s important to spend some extra time of self-care this month. You may even need to explain to your sweetie that you need some extra alone time this month. (Even the ultimate relationship sign needs to step away from relationships every now and again.) Don’t worry, you will be getting all juiced up again in the months to come… but right now, you gotta be super gentle on yourself.


This year has been pretty sexy and juicy in many regards. Which is why a change of pace this month that kinda puts the kibosh on your physicality is surprising. It’s not that you won’t be having sex at all… it’s just that there’s gonna be some obstacles in the way that weren’t there before, especially early in the month. You might be feeling energetically drained for reasons you can’t quite figure out. Or, there may just be limiting circumstances with your partner. Yeah, it’s frustrating, but maybe take it as a much-needed break. Even though you’re the ultimate sign of gettin’ it on, even you need some you time every now and then.


Though nothing typically slows you down, this month might have other plans. You may find yourself focusing pretty hard on responsibilities (especially financial ones!), rather than your next sexual adventure. You may also be called upon to speak your truth this month. Not in the usual super-direct way, but more from the heart. It’s a good month to focus on communication as a big part of relationship responsibility, and to learn from what that back-and-forth shows you. Chances are, it’ll act as foreplay for other back-and-forth activities later on…


Experiencing some hitches in your plan this month? Don’t worry, everybody is. And since you are the ultimate sign of maturity, you are likely to deal with it the best out of everybody. More than anything, you may have a hard time deciding how to allocate your energy… and either your social engagements or your relationship may suffer as a result. You may also feel really in need of extra physical releases (read: sex), but they are a bit hard to come by this month. What you need to know is that the proper balance of things probably won’t be restored until next month, and you need to spend this month just being present with what is.


Just when you thought you were getting a handle on things, some new challenges arise this month and you’re forced to reconsider. One of these things may be your relationship, and specifically the sexual side. You have one idea of how things are supposed to go, but your partner may have a totally different flow. While you pride yourself in knowing what to do, you may feel a bit confused about how to handle it. What’s great is that this month (especially mid-month) will reveal some important sex instructions for your relationship, if you pay attention. Our biggest hint for your month is to avoid stubbornness if you can, and allow yourself to slow down and learn.


There’s been lots to celebrate lately. Especially when it comes to the many amazing things you’ve manifested for yourself. (Relationship one of them? Holla!) Remember to keep that in mind as energies shift this month and ask you to take a few steps back on several of the things you’ve been working on. Just because the energies are confusing and you suddenly have to revise your plan doesn’t mean you’re failing. Remember that a lot of people are going through the same thing right now, and you’re not alone. With a little perseverance, and a lot of support, you can come through this month with some amazing new developments in all the things you care about.


Sometimes, the universe has to repeat things a number of times before we get it. And this year, the repeat track of your life is “Slow Down.” We know that sex, romance, and big decisions get boring when you have to learn to slow your roll and pay more attention to details, but sometimes things just suck because you’re not used to them yet. This month, you are likely to have a huge breakthrough about yourself, and that breakthrough is gonna help you match up to the rhythms of love in a far better way. Don’t try to initiate anything new this month. Rather, take time to really listen, reflect, and look inward. You and your love interest will thank you for it.


Part of how you keep your whole peaceful bull thing going on is by not rocking the boat too much. You’re not big on change. But early this month, there’s some definite boat rocking that’s out of your control, and it’s asking you to make some changes that you’re feeling unsure about. This may be rough on you, especially if it’s something close to home like your relationship, your habits, your job, or your family life. Just remember that nothing should be done quickly… and if you need to brood it out for the whole month before making a decision, that’s just fine. Your love interest (and everybody, for that matter) just needs to be especially patient with you right now.


You might be all over the place this month. As in, you could be horny as hell one night, and then devoid of sex drive altogether the next. Sure, you Geminis are pretty changeable to begin with, so this may not be surprising. You may also get caught up in a hot mess of projects this month—diving into a mayhem of different ideas. Really, what all this comes down to is that it’s not a great month for being super focused and productive. Your energy is too unpredictable. It’s better to simply go with the flow, and reflect upon what you discover.


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