Sex in the news: December edition

Everything you need to read about sexual health from the last month

Trapped in the never-ending, relentless, 24-hour news cycle that makes you beg for the end to come soon? Find yourself involuntarily covering your eyes and ducking under your desk anytime you get a news alert on your phone? Don’t worry, Bedsider’s got your back, as always. This time, we’ve rounded up our 10 favorite articles about sexual health and birth control from the past month to make it really easy for you to get the facts on the things that could affect your health.

  1. What are the odds of getting pregnant on the pill? (REFINERY29)

    When used perfectly, the pill is 99% effective—though it’s not entirely foolproof. Learn more about what determines how effective the pill is.

  2. Abortion AMA: Should I get an abortion?(Bustle)

    Bustle created Abortion AMA, an educational, judgment-free series in which experts answer common questions about abortion. In this installment, Bustle tackles some of the factors that go into the decision about whether to have an abortion.

  3. Could your birth control be masking fertility issues? (Huffington Post)

    While birth control doesn’t cause fertility problems, it could be covering up underlying fertility problems. Find out more.

  4. Hims launches Hers, a direct-to-consumer site selling birth control and other drugs (Forbes)

    Hims, which markets hair loss and erectile dysfunction drugs to men, is now launching Hers, which will deliver prescription medications, including birth control—and over-the-counter skin, hair and sexual health products—to your door for a low monthly fee.

  5. Women discussing sex with their friends is associated with increased sexual health & well-being, study finds (Romper)

    When’s the last time you spilled the tea with your girls? According to the International Journal of Sexual Health, women who discuss sex with their friends tend to have higher levels of sexual well-being and self-esteem.

  6. Is unprotected sex really more intimate? What sexperts have to say is really surprising (Elite Daily)

    You may have heard the argument from a partner that sex without a condom will be more intimate. Here, experts explain why protected sex actually increases intimacy.

  7. Why are young people having so little sex? (The Atlantic)

    Research shows teens and young adults are delaying sex, having fewer sex partners, and having less sex overall than previous generations did at the same age.

  8. 7 questions millennial women still have about birth control, answered (Bustle)

    We love that there are tons of different birth control options to choose from, but there’s also a lot to learn about each one. Here, a sex educator answers seven of the most common questions about birth control.

  9. How soon you need to take Plan B emergency contraception—and other advice from an expert (Yahoo News)

    Misconceptions about emergency contraception are very common. Many believe it’s an abortion; when in fact, it prevents the pregnancy from happening in the first place. Learn more about how it works in this article.

  10. Birth control can help PMDD symptoms, experts say, & here’s how (Bustle)

    PMDD (Premenstrual dysphoric disorder) can cause severe, uncontrollable mood swings, anxiety, and depression, particularly during the luteal phase, or the second half of the menstrual cycle. Hear from experts on which types of hormonal birth control may be best suited to alleviating the symptoms of PMDD.

Written by Amiya Perkins

Amiya Perkins is the Communications Coordinator at Power to Decide and a contributing writer for Bedsider. When she’s not working, you can find her lying on the beach, shopping at the nearest mall, or binge-watching reruns of her favorite 90s sitcoms.

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