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Happy Mother's Day!


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In honor of Mother’s Day, we’re celebrating all types of parents and caregivers in all their multi-faceted glory. If you have a small human living with you, you know that they are worse sexy-time blockers than your college roommate when she had mono. But we think you deserve to get laid if you want to, and we’re going to help you make the magic happen.

Honestly? Get over it.

It’ll come as no surprise to you that we think sex is great however you want to do it, whomever you want to do it with (as long as it’s consensual). But it does bring its fair share of awkward moments, and to pretend otherwise is not doing any of us any favors. If we were to get all of our knowledge and expectations about sex from watching mainstream porn, we’d think there were never any mishaps or actual human bodies involved, but that ain’t real, kids! Bodies do weird stuff and they’re a little bit gross! And that’s fine, and sex is still great, and you still look good doing it. So here are just seven of the many, many slightly gross but completely normal things that happen during sex:

Are your sex toys just a pile of neglected silicone, a shrine to better days, looking both sad and also somehow smug? Are they taunting you by reminding you of a time when you used to know how to have fun? No problem, we’re here with 5 not-sad-at-all alternative uses for your sex toys so you no longer have to sit idly by while they laugh at you and conspire to eat your face after you die alone in your apartment.