How to let mermaidcore inspire you in the bedroom

Six sex positions that would make Ariel blush

In case you’ve missed it, mermaidcore is an aesthetic that involves lots of pastels, frilly, floaty things, and sequins. But it can inspire so much more: a little role-play, a little fantasy, and a lot of fun. As mythical creatures, mermaids are super sexy and alluring, and we think they’re the perfect source of summer sex inspo.

1. The human admirer

Turn your partner on and turn them into your own swooning Prince(ss) Eric, by having them watch, but not touch, while you use a toy or your hands to get yourself off.

2. The “I want to be where the people are”

Opportunities for sex in public are much greater in the summer than in the winter, especially if the receiving partner wears a dress or skirt to beat the heat.

3. The Ursula

Go a little off book and embrace the dark side of the sea. Ursula is an icon and a sex symbol for a reason, and it’s not just because of her curves, it’s also about attitude and confidence (and the power of red lipstick). You can do pretty much whatever you want in bed while channeling Ursula, and it will be ten times better.

4. The “under the sea”

Sex in the water can be super sexy. And it’s extra fun if normally you have a hard time having sex standing up (because one partner isn’t strong enough to lift the other, somebody has back pain, etc.). Sex in the water simulates the experience while you’re floating, making it easier on everyone’s body. Just keep in mind that underwater sex can be strangely dry and yes, you can still get pregnant if you have penis-in-vagina sex in the water.

5. The flounder

Flounder in The Little Mermaid is a plump, round little guy, but flounders in real life are flat as pancakes. They lie on one side at the bottom of the sea, and we’ll take our inspiration from that, rather than the two eyes on one side of the head thing. With both partners lying on their sides in a spooning position, one enters the other from behind. It’s a great position for stimulating the clitoris or penis of the partner who is the little spoon, and the angles of penetration can hit the spot just right.

6. The starfish

Y’all already know—sometimes you need a rest, especially after a couple of rounds. The starfish can be a real break from the aerobics. It’s basically just one partner lying on their back with their arms and legs flopped out towards the corners of the bed, barely moving while they receive pleasure in any number of ways.

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