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Hear real women and men share their very real experiences with different methods of birth control.

Matt, 24, cervical cap

Matt’s girlfriend tried an IUD and the pill, but her body had a hard time adjusting to them and they diminished her sex drive. That’s when she asked about non-hormonal methods and her doctor recommended the cervical cap.

For Matt, it feels a lot like using nothing at all and creates a sense of closeness that he did not experience using condoms. And it can be inserted before going out for the night, so the cervical cap is good if you don’t mind planning ahead now for a bit of spontaneity later.

At first, there were a few times when Matt felt the cap, bumping it loose from her cervix. But that only required a quick adjustment and they were good to go at it again. Now that it’s their method of frequent use, he has learned what his range is down there and it’s smooth sailing.

It’s basically as close to natural as we can get.

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