November 2019 horoscopes: Get your money, honey

As you prepare to wind down 2019, you may find yourself starting to take stock of your life. Part of that process is checking in with your finances. Find out what November has in store for you and your money:


This month may throw a wrench into your meticulous financial plan. Don’t freak out—it’s nothing you can’t recover from, just some things that need to be replaced that you weren’t planning on, especially early in the month. The good news is that you’ve been budgeting and planning really well. So no matter what kind of financial snafus get thrown at you this month, you’ll be just fine. Being obsessed with security does have its upside. Go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back for that.


If you’ve had any difficulty with money over the past year, this is your month! Though you may not win the lottery (although if anybody were going to, it would be you, Sag), you are likely to come into some sudden financial luck in November. Of course, you’re always expecting the best out of life, so it may not surprise you when it happens. But remember: easy come, easy go. Just because you feel rich in the moment doesn’t mean that you will still have the surplus even a month from now. Consider using this lucky break to bulk up that savings account.


Lucky for you, your problem right now isn’t so much a lack of money as it is trying to figure out how best to manage what you have. You’ve spent a lot of energy and time building up savings, and now you just need to figure out where you’re going put it. Though there are many options available to you, it may be difficult right now to make a totally rational decision rather than one motivated by emotion. The best thing to do is wait a few months before pulling the trigger on any major financial decisions.


Ever the humanitarian, you may be tempted to put a large amount of your resources towards a group or cause you believe in right now. While that’s an awesome reflection of your core values, you may also be tempted to do it in a larger-than-life way, which wouldn’t be the most practical choice. Though you may have the overwhelming feeling that you need to just do it without thinking too much about it, it’s best not to act until you’ve had a chance to really think it through.


You have lots of ideas about what you want to be able to do right now, and that includes what you want to be able to buy. You also have faith that it will all work out no matter what. Though this faith sometimes serves you very well, it’s not super in touch with reality right now. And even though you’re not a fan of budgets, it may be a good time to start following at least a loose plan. You’ll thank yourself for it in the future, when you’ve saved up for an awesome vacation.


If you’re feeling like you’ve been putting in all the work for very little reward, don’t worry. This month will bring a well-deserved financial boost—possibly from a raise at work or a big pay-off from a project you’ve spent a lot of time on. By the end of the month, you’ll be feeling far more optimistic about your financial future. Do a little celebrating; you deserve it. But also do a little saving. You’ll thank yourself for it before the end of the year, trust us.


Though you’re a hardcore financial planner (seriously, you own this game), you also have your moments where your inner shopaholic comes out. You like quality, and you can’t resist material things that you absolutely fall in love with. Though this may not mean catastrophe, it may make things a bit tougher should unforeseen consequences arise. So you may find your inner saver and your inner spender doing battle this month. Never thought we’d have to say this to you, but maybe let the inner saver win this round?


If you have any money freak-outs this month, don’t worry. The energy is a bit out of whack for you right now, but you’ll feel much better by the end of the month. Maybe you’re feeling pressure to have extra money to put towards a relationship goal right now, but you’re also feeling a bit spendy. (Remember that whole “twins inside you" thing? Yeah, sometimes they have different ideas about money, too). If you can put a cap on impulsive financial choices, things should feel far more stable come the end of the month.


You’re hustling hard right now, Cancer. You have big financial goals that you are striving towards, and you are really going for it this month. Though having goals is great, be careful that they’re not too unrealistic. It’s especially easy for you to overdo it right now. Also, be careful about the financial balance in your relationship this month. You may need to do a little finessing with your partner when it comes to who’s paying the bills.


This month may have you spending a lot of extra money on play, fun, and maybe even a mini-vacay. You may in fact have a bit of a surplus right now, which is good, but it won’t last forever. Lucky for you, there’s a big opportunity coming that will allow you to capitalize on your self-expression. Income derived from your creativity is a perfect way for you to go, Leo! You, more than anybody, can make your living off being you.


Though you’re typically conservative about finances, you may be putting some extra money towards your home right now. Whether you’re dealing with a remodel, a big fix, or just sprucing up your sanctuary, you may be putting out a bit more than you usually would. Though you’re a good saver and probably have it handled, you may also be freaking out a little bit about your choices. It’s okay, Virgo. Not everything has to be the most conservative choice. It’s healthy for you to splurge a little when you can on the things that make life feel good.


You are definitely thinking about your money goals right now. And though you’ve been working hard this whole year, you are also having to use some of that hard-earned cash on unexpected expenses right now. Though these things happen to all of us, you may be taking it especially hard. To ease the stress, you may also find yourself tempted to overspend at the bar with friends or while online shopping. Keep an eye on this tendency, and you won’t let it get out of hand. Fortunately, things will improve for you and your bank account as the month continues.


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