December 2019 horoscopes: Your career in focus

As we get ready to close out 2019, we’re thinking hard about the year ahead and what we want it to look like for us. We’re also reflecting on all the hard work we’ve put in to 2019. If it’s felt like the effort hasn’t always paid off for you, read on to find out if it will all come to fruition this month.


You’ve had a ton of new opportunities land in your lap this year, and now it’s time to put your good luck to work. If you’ve started a new project lately, expect it to start blowing up (in a good way) soon. This month, you’re going to be feeling a little less constrained and a little more focused, and your work projects will benefit from that shift. Just be cautious about over-promising. Short-term, manageable goals that will add up to something great are better than vague, pie-in-the-sky aspirations.


Absolutely everybody (especially your love interest) has noticed your commitment to your work. And you’ve put more of yourself into your projects lately than ever before. Lucky for you, your ship is coming in. You are entering a time of BIG rewards for all that you’ve done, and you will definitely get what’s been coming to you. Nobody deserves it more. And honestly, Cap, you also deserve a break. So when the chance for one comes up this month, take it. (But, like, actually take it.)


More than ever before, you’ve found yourself wishing to be working for a higher purpose lately. Whether your goal is spiritual or humanitarian work, your dreams about putting your effort into building a better tomorrow are especially strong right now. Rather than letting it make you extra cranky at your less-than-ideal day job, start (or reinvigorate) your search for something that’s more aligned with your values. Or see if there’s any way you can create more meaning at your current job. Creative thinking is your challenge for this month.


You’ve been showing up with more focus and motivation at work lately than you have in a long time. Because of that, you can expect some awesome recognition on the career front. You may also be super motivated to pursue your side hustle, and you definitely have the extra energy to do it all right now. You have amazing ideas, and now is one of those times in life where you can truly get momentum if you put the extra effort into making your vision a reality.


Good thing you’re going to be extra energetic this month because you have your work cut out for you! Your career is demanding all you have to give right now, which may be a little hard on other areas of your life (especially your love life), but you are likely to be rewarded this month for putting in the effort. Ultimately this is a great thing for your long-term goals. Keep on putting that Aries conqueror nature to good use. Now’s the time to build towards what you’ve been wanting for a long time!


You went through a huge career shift this year, and that may have made you feel a little unsure about how the future is going to play out. Even though change can be unsettling, you are about to get confirmation that you made the right choice. This month will bring good luck on the career front. Whether it be a bonus, a promotion, or just some extra recognition, you’ll be feeling much more secure about being on the right path by the end of the year!


Though your own career may be going well, you may still find yourself distracted by someone close to you who’s making a lot more money or having a major moment in their career right now. Perhaps it’s your significant other or a close friend. Though you’re proud of them, you may also feel a little jealous and like you want to up your game a little bit. A healthy feeling of competition is completely normal, but don’t let it get out of hand. You’ll hit your stride in time.


If you’ve been doing a lot of “letting go” in your career lately, this month will bring some exciting new opportunities to rebuild. You may come into contact with new connections who can help you make it to the next level in your career, and the promise of recognition for all of your dedication is on the horizon. You are finally making progress towards what you’ve been wanting for a long time, and it will feel so good to know that success is well on its way.


This month is a great time to focus on your daily habits at work, Leo. Though concerning yourself with the big picture is typically where you shine, you may suddenly be taking notice of the details. After all, the big picture is really just the sum of all the little things. Getting more organized in your work projects will help you stand out in the way that you most need to and will give you an edge. If you can focus now, by the time the holidays roll around, you’ll get some recognition.


A big project you’ve taken on at work may be about to get even bigger. It’s a good thing, because you’re getting recognition for all the amazing work you’ve been doing, but now you’re being asked to take on even more. Though you are the ultimate “I’ve got this” sign, you may be stressing about whether you really can do it all. Luckily, you’re going to feel an energy boost leading up to the holidays that will help you manage everything. After that, things should be smooth sailing into the beginning of next year.


This month challenges you to both maintain intense focus at work and expand your career horizons. Worried you don’t have the energy for it all? You may not, but you’ll find a way to do it anyway. You’re working up to major growth in a new direction. Don’t worry, though it feels like a lot right now, you are getting more and more aligned with what you’re meant to be doing.


You’ve been putting a ton of hard work into your career, and you may have become a bit of an authority on what you do. You have that special something that puts you ahead of the curve (hint: It’s your razor-sharp intuition and your uncanny ability to detect exactly how to get ahead). But has your job been undercutting your potential? This is your time to ask for what you deserve, whether that’s a promotion, a raise, or some other form of recognition. You may just receive exactly that (and more!) in time for the holidays.


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