6 ways to style your quarantine bush

Big hair don't care

Whether you have a regular waxing appointment that you now can’t get to or you’re just all out of f*cks to give, many of us are finding that we don’t have don’t have the time or the mental energy for painfully and incessantly removing body hair. And you know what? We’re celebrating that today with some style inspo.

1. The mohawk

We love the vaghawk because it doubles as a form of body art and a built in social distancing tool. Anyone who dares come too close will get their eye poked out.

2. The comb over

Things growing in a little patchy? No problem.

3. Pigtails

Pigtails are a super cute way to say “Hey, I’m an adult pretending to be a child. This isn’t weird!”

4. French braids

For the classy b*tch.

5. The Elvis

He’s the king of rock for a reason, y'all.

6. The Tiger King

Business in the front, party in the back.


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