You are still sexy AF

6 pandemic affirmations

As the pandemic drags on and we face a scary winter ahead of us, it’s easy to feel that the sexual part of us has left the building. But sex, whether it’s with a partner or with yourself, can reduce stress and anxiety and boost your confidence—all things that would make weathering the rest of this pandemic easier.

So we’re here to remind you that despite whatever else is going on, you’re sexy as hell and you deserve to feel that way. We want you to channel your best Charlotte York, look in the mirror and tell yourself:

  1. Hey bitch, you’re sexy AF even though you don’t shower regularly! Dirty hair, don’t care!
  2. Look at you! Depressed and anxious all the time, and smokin’ hot!
  3. No, you haven’t worn real pants in 9 months, but you don’t need pants to make that booty pop!
  4. You are rocking your new size—you’ve never been hotter! Curves for dayyyyyys.
  5. Your chronic illnesses may be flaring due to stress and lack of access to health care but you know what else is flaring? Your hot bod.
  6. Yeah, you fart in front of your partner now because they’re literally always in the room, and those lowered inhibitions will make sex with you even better, if that’s possible!

Now slap yourself on the ass and get out there, champ! (But stay in, please.)


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