August 2021 horoscopes: Good things come to those who wait

August may be a month of opportunity, but will you be ready to seize whatever good things come your way? Read on to find out what to expect for your sign this month.


July 23rd - August 22nd
A big project you’ve been working on may finally come to life early this month. You’ve had to work super hard this year to gain any momentum, so experiencing some success is going to feel amazing. There are still some big changes going on in your life, though, so keep tapping into your ability to roll with the punches. Meanwhile, your financial position can be strong this month if you continue to be strategic with your income and avoid spending impulsively.


August 23rd - September 22nd
Of course you know by now that you can’t control everything. But this month, you will be able to effectively manage a lot of the logistical details that typically consume you. This will give you an increased sense of agency and help you feel more confidence this month. You may also be feeling a strong connection (and attraction) to someone in your life who is just your type: subtle, put-together, strong, and capable. If they’re feeling it too, you may be headed towards a passionate “eff yes” when it comes to getting physical. And activity IS good for your health, Virgo.


September 23rd - October 22nd
Though you are in heads-down organization mode this month, expect to feel a little optimism about the future as well. In fact, mid-month onward, you might be feeling downright exuberant, and this may lead to a powerful urge to get glammed up and get out there. (Even if that just means getting dressed up for a Zoom date.) It’s a great month to let yourself explore with multiple love interests, and to radiate that Big Romantic Energy you were born with. Just don’t be surprised if the lover you find yourself most drawn to is a bit zanier than your typical choices.


October 23rd - November 21st
A new opportunity may place you on a stage of sorts this month. Though you can’t control how others see you, you can control what you’re putting out there, and preparation will be key to your success. Your relationships are likely to fall into two categories right now: those who want to see you succeed, and those who are envious of your success. Focus on what needs to get done, give your support to those who support you, and you’ll soon find that the haters will fall by the wayside.


November 22nd - December 21st
Some big creative opportunities may open up this month, which will fire up your “more is more” approach to life. Though you are the ultimate addition to any brainstorming session, there are real-world limitations like budgets and liabilities. And feeling limited by the blocks in others’ vision may make collaboration a bit hard right now. Finding other creative outlets will be key for making sure you don’t get too frustrated.


December 22nd - January 19th
Though there are quite a few areas begging for your attention right now, plan to be super distracted this month by a lusty vibe with an important love interest. It’s a good month to enjoy some refined, sophisticated pleasures with somebody who can really enjoy quality. Just don’t let that taste for quality break the bank. It looks like financial matters will require some shifts in your spending habits and a dose of extra caution.


January 20th - February 18th
Did you start something earlier in the year that was really expanding your personal growth, but then it kind of slowed down for a while? Well this month, you’re going to revisit it, and that’s a good thing. This pursuit will bring you some unexpected success in the not-too-distant future, and you’ll be grateful you revisited it. Your strongest relationships are likely going be with those who are also working hard on their goals this month.


February 19th - March 20th
Forgetting the details in certain mundane matters can be your MO, and for the most part it’s harmless and you get away with it. But this month, some forgotten specifics will come back to bite you in an important relationship. If you can slow down, take responsibility, and take the time to make things right, it’ll mean a lot to that person and help you strengthen your bond. Make sure that you also pay attention to seemingly small details in your dating life this month. Those, too, will turn out to be important.


March 21st - April 19th
Though this month will mostly be energizing for you, it may be hard to feel like you’re really moving forward in any tangible way right now. Remember that you don’t always have to be making huge strides to be where you need to be, so make an effort to trust the process. You’ll be drawn to service-oriented projects this month, and spending time with a partner doing work to help others will be super fulfilling.


April 20th - May 20th
You’re going through some massive changes right now, some of which are absolutely necessary. But since you’re not a fan of change, it all might feel like too much right now. Those in your inner circle can help you find equilibrium—especially a certain somebody who will really show up for you this month and will help you lighten up. In fact, there’s a lot of pleasure to be enjoyed, whether partnered or solo, this month if you can allow yourself to relax into it.


May 21st - June 20th
Though there may be some difficulties surfacing in your home life, luck will also be on your side this month. You’ll be in a good position to handle whatever arises, no matter how challenging it is. You may also find that your love life gets a boost of energy and fun this month. Though things may feel light and easy, it will be all too easy to get carried away with what you say and end up with your foot in your mouth. Watch your words this month.


June 21st - July 22nd
As a dedicated homebody, when you care about somebody, you really want to bring them into your home. And this month your home may need some renovations and organization that you and your love interest could work on together. Getting your house in order with a partner may not sound super romantic to most, but it may be exactly the kind of comfortable closeness you’re looking for in your love life right now. In fact, it may be more like foreplay for you, so don’t be surprised if it leads to extra sweet sexy time when all the work is done.


P.S. In case you have an amazing first date this month, here are some tips on how to follow up afterwards.

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