The 6 hottest houseplants of all time

It’s hot vegetation summer

In the world of houseplants, there’s something for everybody. Smooth, furry, soft, plump, thorny, sticky—you name it, nature’s got it. And really, they’re all hot, each in their own way. They’re literally made of sunlight. But let’s be honest. Some stand out from the pack. There’s “hot to me” and then there’s objectively hot, and we all know those are two different things. So here are the 6 hottest plants that you should go get right now to remind you how hot you are while you ride out the next wave of this pandemic alone in your apartment.

1. Aloe

Not only is it bold and slightly punk with its little pointy edges, it is so low maintenance that it will actually die if you even think about watering it, which actually makes it kind of high maintenance in a weird way. Either way, it’s hot.

2. Orchid

Look, it barely qualifies as a houseplant, we know. It would probably be insulted to be called a houseplant. And honestly, it’s more sexy than hot. And yours is dead. But we couldn’t leave this lush beauty off the list without being accused of being jealous, so here we are.

3. Snake plant

The snake plant, or mother-in-law’s tongue (yikes) is reliable, sturdy, and potentially quite the tall drink of water. Hot.

4. Staghorn fern

If hot for you equals masc, look no further. A staghorn fern literally looks like antlers and you can mount it on the wall.

5. String of pearls

This languid succulent screams rich people things, which, in its way, is hot. Plus, the name has a certain sexy connotation.

6. Venus flytrap

Obviously the Venus flytrap had to be on this list. She will literally eat your enemies for you. What could be hotter than that?

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