FOMO during cuffing season? Don’t sweat it.

How to beat the winter blues while single

As the beginning of winter creeps closer, it’s hard to ignore that Cuffing Season has arrived. Ah, Cuffing Season, that unofficial holiday of lovers linking up to keep each other warm under the covers when it’s cold outside. It doesn’t help that Netflix shoves a new romantic holiday movie down your throat nearly every day. From commercials, to television, to movies, to the couple making googly eyes in the mall, getting booed up in the winter is a thing. But what do you do with FOMO during cuffing season when you have no one to jingle your bells?

Well, first of all, it’s okay to acknowledge how you feel. There’s nothing wrong with wanting companionship (during Cuffing Season or otherwise). But don’t let loneliness make you blue from now until Valentine’s Day. Here are a few tips from us to fight the FOMO while single this winter.

Focus on non-romantic love

You may not have heard, but friendship is giving romance a run for its money these days. Look toward the people who love you best to get your fix in for company those days when it gets dark before 5PM. In the absence of sexual contact, your body still needs non-sexual touch. A (consensual) cuddle or hug from a friend can release oxytocin, a hormone that not only makes you feel good, but also contributes to your overall health and well-being. Seeking that sense of support and connection is a great way to combat winter loneliness.

Get some sun

We know, we know, going outside in the winter might seem counterintuitive when what you really want is to heat it up between the sheets. But the sun works wonders on your mood during the frosty months. The more sunlight you can get, the better. Try asking a friend to join you on a quick, brisk walk outside on days when it’s not too cold.

Invest in some quality toys

If Cuffing Season appeals to you because, well, orgasms are appealing, say less. Just because you don’t have a bae doesn’t mean you have to go without the Big O. There’s no such thing as masturbating too much and you’ll never have to worry about your vibrator needing a refractory period. If you’ve already got a nice stash of toys, you can always use winter to try out new ones.

Do things that make you happy

We know it can be hard watching everyone else get cuffed when you’re hoping for the same. One of the best things you can do to fight FOMO during Cuffing Season is to live your best life regardless of your relationship status. Think about the activities you wouldn’t be able to do without checking in with someone else—and do them all! “Single” does not equal miserable. Take yourself out to eat delicious foods or see beautiful sights. Do the things that remind you that you are single, and therefore free, which includes being free to chase all the happiness you can experience.

And who knows, someone might see you looking gorgeous and free and happy and decide to cuff you before the snow thaws. In the meantime, leave FOMO behind and make this winter your wonderland. You deserve it.

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