The seven sexiest flowers of springtime

You’re going to want to start gardening after reading this

Flowers are key in a lot of romantic situations—declarations of love, apologies, weddings…And it makes sense because flowers are literally reproductive organs, and one of their jobs is literally to be attractive (to pollinators). In short, flowers hold a power to allure that can only be described as sexy. Thus, we have compiled a list of the 7 sexiest flowers of springtime, in no particular order.

1. Crocuses

This little minx CAN’T WAIT for springtime. But like, she literally can’t wait and sometimes pops up through the snow when it’s still winter. The sexiest thing about her is the fact that she is the herald of springtime, a sign that better times are around the corner. What could be hotter than hope? (We’re looking at you, Obama!)

2. Poppies

Poppies are the red lip of the flower world. They’re somehow wild while also being sophisticated, and we think that balance of opposites is fire.

3. Magnolia blossoms

Nothing about the magnolia blossom is remotely subtle. It’s the size of your head and super fragrant and sweet. But you know what? Subtlety is overrated. Magnolia blossoms are giving luxury, they’re giving rich b*tch, they’re giving MILF. Get into it.

4. Night-blooming jasmine

This is absolutely a top contender for the number one sexiest flower. First of all, it only blooms at night. Secondly, it gives off a delicious come hither fragrance. If you open your windows it will gently waft in, and it may just bring suitors with it.

5. Daffodils

The daffodil might not seem at first glance like it has a lot of sex appeal, but as a symbol of renewal and new beginnings, and one of the first flowers to bloom in spring, we think it deserves a place on this list just for the way it makes us feel.

6. Peonies

The peony is a soft, full, sensual kind of sexy. It’s silk dressing gowns and candlelit bedrooms and light caresses. It’s downright romantic!

7. Cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms may be one of the most hyped flowers of spring, but it’s for good reason. They make everything look and feel like it’s covered in magical, pale pink snow (that isn’t cold, importantly). They remind you how good it is to be alive, which we can confidently say makes them sexy.

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