How to take care of yourself right now

If it all feels too hard, you’re not alone

Sometimes everything just feels too damn hard. And now is definitely one of those times for a lot of us. If you’re struggling, here are a few things you can do to take care of yourself and possibly also make yourself feel a little better along the way.

1. Open a window

Opening a window has transformative powers. Fresh air, possibly some bird sounds, maybe the sound of the wind rustling through some trees—all of these things can help you feel just a little bit less bad when you feel too bad to actually go outside.

2. Listen to some Lizzo

It just can’t hurt, you know?

3. Make some art

The biggest lie we were ever told is that art has to be good to be worth making. It doesn’t. It can be truly terrible to look at. Just get out some paper and something to draw or color or paint with and go to town.

4. Buy a new toy

We’d suggest getting a cute new sex toy just for you (check out our friends at Feelmore for some ideas), but it could really be any kind of toy that floats your boat—you do you!

5. Set limits on your doomscrolling

It can be very hard to stop the compulsive news checking when it feels like the world is imploding, so we won’t say once a day is enough, which it almost definitely is. Instead we’ll say set some limits for yourself. The bad news will still be there when you do check, we promise.

6. Do something fun for 10 minutes

If you need to set a timer to make yourself do it, then so be it! Just watch your favorite show for 10 minutes, play a little game on your phone, go on TikTok, whatever feels nice.

7. Get yourself a lil treat

It’s amazing how much ordering in your favorite pizza or going to get your favorite iced coffee can help.

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