6 ways to treat yourself after an abortion

Self-care is the best care

Right now in the U.S., getting an abortion is extremely stressful for a lot of people due to new restrictions that have been put in place to limit abortion access in some states. And that’s on top of it being a medical procedure that typically comes with some pain. So afterwards, it’s a good idea to plan to decompress and do some self-care. Here are a few of our favorite post-abortion self-care activities:

1. Eat your favorite meal

Whether you order in or prep your favorite meal in advance, make a plan for how you’re going to get your comfort food of choice.

2. Have a friend come over or plan a Zoom date

If you’re having a medication abortion, it can be really helpful to have a friend or other loved one there with you during the abortion itself. Regardless of what kind of abortion you’re having, having someone with you afterwards can help make the whole experience better. It doesn’t have to be in person either, you can always plan to have a video call with a friend to check in after your abortion.

3. Plan a date with yourself

Plan a day of fun for when you’re feeling up for it! Take yourself to see a movie, do your nails, spend some time in nature—whatever floats your boat.

4. Binge watch something fun

After an abortion, you may just want to chill at home, so picking out a new show you’re excited to watch or a favorite old show that brings you comfort can be a really nice way to pass the time.

5. Shop online

Does anyone actually click “check out” anymore? Just do some shopping and then leave it all in your cart! Financial responsibility queen!

6. Put on your comfiest clothes

This is the key to most, if not all, self-care in our experience. Find the comfiest, coziest items of clothing you own and wear them. Now is not the time for hard pants! Doesn’t matter if you’re covered head to toe in sherpa in the middle of August–just crank up the A/C if need be.

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