Catch us on TikTok answering all your pressing questions

Never fear, Dr. Raegan is here

Every year as we get ready for Thanks, Birth Control Day (which is on November 16th this year!), we take the opportunity to look back on some of our favorite birth control content. Today we’ve rounded up a few of our top-shelf TikToks featuring our very own Dr. Raegan McDonald-Mosley, ob-gyn extraordinaire, answering your most frequently asked medical questions.

1. I threw up right after taking my birth control pill. Now what?

2. Can you get pregnant if you have sex in a hot tub or pool?

3. I’m a smoker. What birth control options are best for me?

4. Do I have to be sexually active to be on birth control?

5. Can you take your own IUD out?

6. How effective is withdrawal at preventing pregnancy?

7. What’s the difference between typical use and perfect use?

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