5 great things about being single

Protect your peace

Being single can come with lots of pressure (from friends, from family, from society in general) to get out there and meet someone. But it’s your choice and only your choice whether you want someone in your life right now or not. And there are some really f-ing fantastic things about being single. Here are just a few.

1. You can decorate your home exactly how you want it

Having everything set up exactly how you like it is nothing short of divine. You can have weird art, psychedelic wallpaper, 50 plants in your living room, or whatever is your thing. Also, if things get messy, it’s your mess and not someone else’s, which is nice!

2. You never have to deal with someone else’s hair

Probably one of the worst things about living with another person is dealing with hair that isn’t yours. In the shower, on your clothes. Just no.

3. You can save all of your love and affection for your pet, as it should be

One thing about friends with paws is that they’re cuter, happier to see you, and better snugglers than any human being could ever possibly be. And the only wandering eye they have is the one that compels them to chase squirrels. We’re not taking any questions on this one.

4. You can watch whatever you want on TV

Full control over the remote is not something to take for granted. You can go directly from Love is Blind to Too Hot to Handle to Perfect Match and then round things out with The Circle. Granted, it won’t be great for your brain, but that’s your choice!

5. You can do whatever you want for dinner

Do you want to place the exact same order from your favorite Thai restaurant every night for a week? Who’s going to stop you? Want to eat a bowl of cereal standing up? That’s your right.

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